To us quality is not a burden but a source of pride. Our quality is guaranteed by our long-term qualified staff, modern production equipment and the very best of raw materials. Naturally, the basis of all of this is our determined and continuous product development work.
Our strong quality is proved by the fact that several producers of sweeping machines have chosen our brushes as their original replacement parts. This is a sign of the knowledge and competitiveness that our family business is offering to its clients worldwide for the third generation running.


ISO 9001:2008

Det Norske Veritas and CERTIND have found us to conform to the ISO9001:2008 Management System Standard and certified our group of companies.

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Quality starts with people. Our employees, many of whom have been working in our company for more than thirty years, will ensure first class results. We train our employees and take care of their well being and enjoyable their working environment as well.





We only accept the best raw materials, all of which have been carefully tested. We are constantly monitoring the quality of batches of raw materials in order that we might notice any alterations that may creep in as early as possible. Our worldwide network of suppliers consists only of the most reputable companies in their respective sectors.



We produce ourselves the polypropylene fibre and flat steel of our brushes. Therefore, besides being able to monitor their effectiveness, we are also able to constantly develop their quality. We know that our quality levels are the best as the harsh weather conditions of Finland have placed strict requirements on our product development for over 65 years.




We dare to claim that our production technology is the best in the sector. Throughout our entire history we have strongly invested in machines and in improving our production practices. First class production technology and modern equipment ensures a steady and high level of quality.




In addition to feedback from our clients, we also simulate realistic working conditions (such as rotation speed, brushing pressure, etc), in order to test the structural durability, brushing properties, and wear resistance of our brushes. We pay special attention to brushing efficiency as well as wear and frost resistance. This way we can be sure that our brushes meet both our expectations and those of our clients.