Agriculture & Fishing

We also produce special brushes for enhancing fishing and farming processes.


Modern agriculture includes taking care of the well being of cattle in several different ways. The SAJA® brushes help to keep cattle clean and also produce a sense of pleasure for the animals. Brushing also enhances the blood circulation of animals. We produce brushes for all brushing equipment on the market..




The new OMNILINE™ strip brushes are designed for challenging cleaning work, effective use and versatile applications. Thanks to its unique manufacturing method and features, the OMNILINE™ brush is part of our environmentally friendly ECOLINE™ product family.

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Sajas Group produces special brushes for, among other things, improving the mobility of trawling. Our brushes are produced precisely according to the client's specifications.




Using agriculture as an example, the operation of beetroot extraction machines can be significantly enhanced by means of using brushes. When using a line cleaner, if clubs are replaced by brushes, the raised line can be cleaned better and brushes will not throw beetroots off the line. Also, when compared to clubs, the operating costs of brushes are minimal.