Environmental protection is not only limited to the use of renewable energy sources or emissions. Every one of us can influence the preservation of our living environment and help slow down the greenhouse effect by means of our own individual choices. This kind of determined strategy is called sustainable development. We know our responsibilities as a brush producer. Our choices have already been helping to reduce our carbon footprint since the nineties. Here are some of our choices:

The majority of sweeping machine replacement brushes that are used end up on a rubbish dump. This is not something that nature can cope with indefinitely. The waste charge is an attempt to cover the processing costs for rubbish that is dumped, or to at least make people think about the amount of waste they produce, although the separation of plastic and metal is unprofitable.
At the beginning of the nineties we decided to do something that no other brush producer in the world had done before. We decided to try and produce brush rings, which are widely used in sweeping machines, entirely from plastic. Polypropylene would decompose naturally in sunlight and when burned in a waste processing plant it would release only carbon dioxide and water; in other words the burning process would be clean. Polypropylene is also thermoplastic, which means it can be re-granulated and reused as a raw material for new products. The attempt was worth it as we managed to develop the world’s first entirely plastic brush rings, which we named BEELINE® and SUNLINE™.
We continued product development work and also developed more environmentally friendly alternatives to other product groups used in sweeping machines. The ECOLINE™ product family was created, and the products in this group contain materials and structures that guarantee that the brushes can be recycled and eliminated in a manner that does not create waste.
Tampere’s Junior Chamber of Commerce awarded the ECOLINE™ product family the Environmental Award in 2007.



Teleconferences are a concrete way of influencing the planet’s climate as a large part of the human carbon footprint is caused by private motor traffic and airplanes. Every person and company can play a part in helping the environment. We have reduced the number of air miles we rack up by means of video conferences.



The EU Flower or the European eco label is the joint environmental label of Europe. The EU Flower impartially speaks about a product or service being environmentally friendly, without bargaining about the quality. Sajas Group is proceeding step-by-step towards the use of printing paper in its printed publications, which have been granted the right to use the European eco label.




The Environmental Register of Packaging, PYR Oy, is a non-profit association that collaborates with package producer associations. It supports the companies and authorities registered in the PYR so that the liabilities involved in package utilisation can be reached advantageously and effortlessly. Sajakorpi Oy has a contract with PYR.

Kioton sopimus säätelee Suomenkin päästövähennyksiä - Etäneuvottelu on konkreettinen tapa vaikuttaa maapallon ilmastoon, sillä yksityisautoilu ja lentoliikenne aiheuttavat suuren osan ihmisen hiilijalanjäljestä. Jokainen ihminen ja yritys voivat tehdä osansa ympäristön hyväksi, mutta päästöjen systemaattiseksi vähentämiseksi hyväksyttiin ilmastosopimusta täsmentävä Kioton pöytäkirja vuonna 1997. Sen ratifioi 176 maata. Vuoteen 2012 mennessä Suomenkin tulisi olla vähentänyt kasvihuonekaasujaan reilut viisi prosenttia.